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Retaining Wall Repair

Northwest PA is a hilly region and with new home building and business site expansion many times comes the need for a retaining wall and we provide expert consultation, design and construction services to ensure you get the right wall for your needs.

However, with a long history of homebuilding and many older communities in the Erie area, there are a lot of properties that already have a retaining wall. Yours may be one of them!

Retaining walls can last a long time, but they do not last forever, so they should be checked to make sure they are still in good shape. Our winters can really stress a wall. After the snow melts or following a heavy rain is prime time for older walls to show signs of failure.

Here are some signs to look for:

  • A section that has separated from an adjacent wall
  • Newly developed cracks
  • Crumbling wall face
  • Wall tilts forward/is bowed

A retaining wall with any of these signs needs to be checked before it is gets any worse. It is rare, but collapses do happen if problems are not addressed.  Contact The Retaining Wall Pros of Erie to have your wall checked if you have any doubts about its stability.

Many times we are able to repair the damaged area to match the existing wall. This is not only cheaper, but repairing allows you to maintain the existing character of your property. 

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