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When you want a reliable & professional retaining wall contractor to complete that wall project at your home or business, call us! We are The Retaining Wall Pros of Erie and we are ready, willing and able to provide the expert services your project deserves.

Erie’s Best Retaining Wall Design & Construction Service

With the type of terrain we have here in the Erie area retaining walls serve a very important purpose and they are commonly needed. Take a look around the next time you are out and you will start to notice just how often they are used. As the regions’s premier retaining wall contractor, we specialize in designing and building/installing walls for your situation and we use the right materials to make the project a success.  

Whether for a residential or commercial project, primarily for safety or beautification, when you need to have a retaining wall built be sure to make us your first call. Once you have had the opportunity to meet us and discuss your project needs we are confident that our expertise and experience will be evident and you won’t feel the need to call anyone else.

From our base minutes from downtown we have been providing expert planning/building and repair service to the Erie PA area for many years. We are ready to build the retaining wall that is right for your situation and one that will stand the test of time.  Regardless of why you need a retaining wall, you can be assured that not only do we build superior walls, but we also do excellent repair work and provide a terrific service at a great value.

Do you want to…

  • Terrace your yard?
  • Add an architectural element to your property?
  • Increase useable space on a commercial property?
  • Need to repair an existing wall?

These are common needs and a retaining wall will allow you to achieve your goal. Whether it is a block system, concrete or timber, we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards…you are sure to love your wall and the service we provide.

Our Service Area in Erie PA

We serve the entire Northwest PA region from our base in the suburbs.

When you need a reliable, professional contractor with a track record and reputation for excellence, call us because we are The Retaining Wall Pros of Erie!

Retaining Walls

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  • Custom Design & Construction
  • Repair Existing Wall
  • Block
  • Stone
  • Wood

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